I visited New Orleans as a guest to my fiance’s cousins wedding in June. 

I love the culture, diversity, the colour, and the gorgeous architecture of this place. New Orleans has a swagger and is unique from any place I’ve ever visited. I really can’t do it justice in words alone. It is inspiring for artists like myself as jazz bands are playing in the street and tons of street art and graffiti.

I decided that I wanted to do a photo shoot in New Orleans a few weeks before I came, as I wanted to take advantage of so many beautiful new locations and opportunities to work with new vendors. Since I lived in Ontario at the time, there was only so much I could do. Luckily I was able to secure the vendors in NOLA, and I ended up having the ultimate dream team!

We used fantastic models, Thu and Chad, who just happened to be a perfect real-life couple. Also for makeup and hair, we had the lovely Amanda Mullen, from Smoke Show. We used a fantastic teal and white themed cake with “we do” birds on top from La Louisiane Bakery.   The bouquet, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements were done by Leaf & Petal. They were pale white flowers with a yellow accent, simply stunning. The wedding dress was my favorite. It was a Sarah Seven Bordeaux top, paired with a gorgeous white tulle skirt, and flowing veil from Blanc Bridal. I loved the top the most as it reminded me of a faded tie dye design-perfect with my colorful urban theme!

I finally narrowed down the location which was downtown New Orleans in an abandoned courtyard, right across the Board of Trade off of Magazine St. I loved the repetition of the empty window cutouts, and of course having the fire escape there sealed the deal. I knew we could do a lot with just this one location. Thu and Chad climbed the questionable steps like pros without getting their outfits dirty. It was hard to narrow down places as there were so many opportunities for fun, I was considering doing a swamp tour and some different shots there, but once I saw the courtyard there was just something about it that kept drawing me back!

So, with all this in mind, I decided I would style the shoot myself in the same eclectic and colourful theme that New Orleans represents for me. With that, I got a beautiful table with a teal tablecloth, chevron white and grey pattern napkins, peacock and gold plates, light teal candle holders, succulents, an antique camera, and a festive wedding invitation. And what says New Orleans more than a diamond Mardi Gras mask?

Had the opportunity to photograph Nick Love’s portrait session, as he had recently started his own wedding planning business. He was the winner of the free photo shoot giveaway! He actually won through a texting contest I was having. Nick was playing in a band at the wedding reception. The photo shoot was a lot of fun as I was capturing some fun portraits at Cloud Gardens Park which also included a funky looking chair, and a set of ‘love balloons’.

I’m soooo in love with these Trash the Dress photos from Emma & Josh’s shoot! I had been super excited to have photographed Emma & Josh’s wedding and engagement, but when they told me they wanted to do a Trash the Dress as well in Lowville– – I couldn’t wait because I knew how gorgeous it would be!! We headed on the hiking trails that weave through the town, the colourful fall leaves were amazing that day, and it was unseasonably warm so we just would stop and shoot in different spots along the way. My favourite though is finding a broken down farm building that’s along the trail, it was breathtaking!!

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