When I first contacted the West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish, close to a year ago about potentially photographing at their venue for wedding promotion they completely agreed to the idea which I was over the MOON about that as it’s one of my favourite spaces of all time! I first photographed the venue itself back in April but they thought shooting a wedding would be more appealing to attract future couples.

We decided to photograph a styled same sex wedding this past November on a glorious fall day – a perfect, clear day for photographing in! ?   We used Numa Models for the two gorgeous brides, and the amazingly colourful fall bouquet with orange and deep purples from Concept Florals . Who can forget those epic gowns and jewelry from Isabelle’s Bridal.! They gave us a ton of fun accessories to play with from vintage hair pieces, to beaded sashes, to earrings (the list goes on). One of the gowns was a white flowing pant suit- not a dress. ❤️ The other was a lace overlay dress which I adore all of the detailing and long sleeves and low back, classy and sexy all at the same time! Fetish Shoes supplied a great selection of shoes as well from boots to Birkenstocks.

We ended up photographing a lot of couple and bridal portraits on the antique trains, and tracks. I love the texture of trains it gives a shiny reflections to shoot in contrasted with all the nature and mountains in the background. Which is why it’s like heaven on earth shooting there. ❤️ I also adore shooting on the roof of the WCRHP- it’s a super modern addition to other areas in the park with a circular design with bricks and a ton of windows, and inside it’s a loft building with super high ceilings- It’s a museum and event space! It’s hard to narrow down which photos are my favourites (because there are so many), but I think it’s the one of the bride walking down the steps outside one of the trains. She just looks so ethereal and stunning! 🙂

If you would like to see another wedding I shot, you can check out my Frida Kahlo inspired wedding I photographed in Vancouver!

I’m always looking to collaborate on new styled photo shoot opportunities across the globe and here in Canada! PLEASE get in touch with me. Fill out the contact form, or call me at 778.822.8204, or email at meghan@meghanandrewsphoto.com.

a photo of the couple cuddling hair piece at a same sex styled wedding in Squamish, bc