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Welcome to my Website fellow lovers of all things unique, quirky & romantic!

Biography/My Vision  

Some people spend their lives questioning their purpose. For me, it was something I couldn’t ignore. The way I’ve always been drawn to the arts spoke directly to my soul.

I felt my way through many different creative endeavours until I finally found “the one”. I was in high school when I first stumbled upon photography and it was love at first shutter!

I guess that’s why I’m able to capture such magnificent shots. I don’t aim for the right angle, I search for the perfect way to capture your love story as its being told right there – in the moment.

Getting the right shot, in any situation, is my forte!

The techniques I learned from the Sheridan College’s Applied Photography program were just the beginning of a lifelong love story. After graduating, I went on to build a colourful fashion and beauty portfolio before interning with Fashion Magazine in Toronto.

A rush of adrenaline surges through my veins every time I view the world through a lens. I get to share life from a vantage that many people may miss. It’s an honour. My greatest pleasure. Such a fulfilling experience.

I’ve photographed hundreds of couples in the glory of their big day and, each time, it’s a unique experience. We can sit down and discuss specifics like themes and venues, but it’s nothing like witnessing everything come together.

I remember one of my most memorable weddings; it was on a charming farm in Conestoga, ON. This couple chose to host their ceremony in the back of a cute little local restaurant. I didn’t know this couple personally beforehand- but I was crying all day long! As I watched them embrace each other in their heartwarming ceremony, you just had to be happy for them! Their passion. Their commitment. Their chemistry. You just can’t fake something so pure. I always smile when I’m meeting with potential clients and they point out this couple’s shots. Their wedding was so memorable, their love so profound, you didn’t even need to be there to feel its power.

I love architecture! And photographing in unique venues gives me that special inspiration for your wedding day photos.

I’ll stay on my toes and do whatever’s necessary to get the perfect shot of that happy smile the groom shares as he walks down the aisle. The smallest detail – I want to catch them all! Give me a venue with amazing architecture and lots of fun details and I’ll turn your day into a work of art. I get inspired by all things unique, so I’m sure our session will be lots of fun! Family sessions and corporate events give me a rush too. Whenever I get the chance to use my lens to freeze a moment of time, I instantly transform into a different woman.

Building a trust with the photographer is very important to capture the intimate moments that will shine as a reflection of your love!




Port Coquitlam, BC is the perfect blend of city living and natural settings. Right now, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I’m really excited about having the opportunity to photograph weddings, elopements, and events in such a breathtaking area.

Even though I’ve found a new home for my studio since I’ve relocated from Toronto, I’m still servicing clients from all around the world.

No matter where you find me on the globe, my passion will always remain the same. If I had to sum up my shooting style, I’d classify myself as a candid artist. I prefer to let circumstances unfold as they please and catch my couples in their most natural interactions. Still, I’m pretty good at coaching camera-shy couples out of their shell. I don’t mind jumping in to give some direction, if needed.

I want every single photo to contribute to the story that’s being told. Every sparkle. Every tear. Every rosy cheek.

To see all the different services/packages I offer, please click on the associated portfolio link for more information: Weddings, Destination WeddingsEngagements, Families/Maternity, and Personal Portraits. Feel free to contact me at any time if you’d like to schedule a shoot. I’m always available to answer questions you may have. Hope to hear from you soon!

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