Finally posting Part #2 of my journey: Israel!!!  I feel speechless when I try to put into words the beauty I saw there, and the history that’s so meaningful for so many different religions. I would highly recommend for anyone to go there, despite all the tension that has existed for so many years, because there’s some really epic places to visit. One of my favourite places is Jerusalem, I love how so much history is located in such a small place. It’s a holy place for Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and I can see why everyone loves this alluring place. It was addicting exploring the old city, because I would turn a corner and keep on discovering more and more fascinating churches and alleyways and people. I also really love Bethlehem, the small cobblestone streets with teal doors on every store front, it was truly amazing. It was such a special place too because that’s where Jesus was born. It’s such a sacred place for Christians, and it was interesting to see people’s reactions as they saw the different churches, bowing, kneeling, and kissing all the shrines. However I had very mixed emotions while I was in Bethlehem because seeing the wall that divides Israel and Palestine was very difficult to see. I know that the country is hurting, and their system needs to change. It must be so hard to live day by day in a country like that, I really hope they see peace sometime soon.

I also loved my time in the North as well, the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights were simply amazing. All the spring flowers were out so it was the perfect time to visit. I was also able to do some volunteering in Nazareth. It was very short, but definitely my favourite part of the trip. I photographed the other volunteers and they were all a blast to work with. It was a true blessing to be there! 🙂

The last place I visited was Tel Aviv, and I couldn’t get enough of Old Jaffa. It’s an old part of town where all the artists live, and the streets are lined with cobblestone, interesting rustic doors, and wicked murals as far as the eye could see.

The wall dividing Israel and Palestine, it was very emotional to see, lots of interesting graffiti all over the walls.

I love the contrasting colours of the bird and wall.

Stained Glass window in Church of the Grotto, in Bethlehem.


Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem, where baby Jesus was born!

Candles lit in the same church, so beautiful.

Church of the Nativity again, it was so fascinating.

Wood burning stove in Nazareth, they were making bread, yuuumm!

Market in Bethlehem.

Creepy mannequin heads, hahaha!

Church of the Gethsemane on the Mountain of the Olives, in Jerusalem, so amazing!

People praying at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem), where Jesus died and was resurrected.

Portrait of a Jewish man in Old Jerusalem

The Dome of the Rock in old Jerusalem, aren’t the mosaics breathtaking?

Typical traffic in Israel, haha.

Art in Old Jerusalem.

Dome of the Rock, so worth the wait to get in!

Another portrait of a Jewish man, I just loved his features.

Purim in old Jerusalem, I just adore his costume. 🙂

A wicked building in Haifa.

A protest in Haifa, I ran into a lot of these.

Kitty was posing for me.

Interesting sculpture in Akko.

Mt. Nimrod Castle in the Golan Heights, such amazing views from the top.

Awww, too cute for words!

1st Century Village in Nazareth.

Cool building in Tel Aviv.

Another person working away at the 1st Century Village.

Interesting mural in Tel Aviv.

I love this piece of art in old Jaffa, there’s actually a real plant growing out of that!

Loving this happy man at the 1st Century Village.

The Basilica in Nazareth.

Interesting antique market finds…

Man protesting by himself in new Jerusalem.

People spray painting phones in the old market in Tel Aviv.

Say Cheese!

Again, too cute for words!! 🙂

Surf’s up in Tel Aviv.

Love the colours of the flowers against the wall.

Photo Above: Inside the Basilica, in Nazareth.

Photo below: Amazing wall in Nazareth.