As some of you may know I visited Costa Rica for a 2 week vacation,  I had so much fun! I was on a 10 day tour and I started in San Jose, then went up to Tortuguero where you can only get to by plane or boat because it’s a nature reserve. The rain forest there is gorgeous so lush and full of life. It’s also where the green sea turtles (and other types as well) come lay their eggs but we were too early in the year unfortunately to see it. Then after Tortuguero I headed over to La Fortuna which is at the base of a very active volcano, which you can hear most of the time burping and making grumbling noises. At La Fortuna I did some zip lining which I would highly recommend and hot springs!  After a couple days at La Fortuna I headed over to the Pacific side in the Guanacaste province which was my favourite because I got to go swimming in the ocean! Can’t ask for anything else really. After a couple days relaxing on the beach I headed back to San Jose to end our tour :(. It was totally breathtaking though and I got some good shots in the process. 🙂

Walking through the forest you could see your breath and steam rising off the ground

I have an obsession with people at phone booths!!

Our boat to Tortuguero left later in the day which apparently means low tide = boat getting stuck and our guide had to get out and push!

Other tour boat also got stuck, couldn’t resist taking a photo! All the mud you see in the foreground usually is all water

Where the green sea turtles come to lay their eggs

These frogs are very poisonous and SO tiny and hard to find.  Isn’t he cute? 🙂

Running shoes are official off and never to be worn again

Nothing like relaxing by the water with a good book 🙂

On the way back to San Jose we stopped at a place where they make Oxcarts and they paint them very beautifully with lots of bright colours.

Plants grow EVERYWHERE even in electrical boxes and sewers

I LOVE these cows, their ears look like bat wings! haha