Happy Canada Day everyone! It’s such a great milestone to celebrate-150 years!!! Every time I travel abroad to another country it makes me more and more thankful that we live in such an amazing country! I mean of course we have our issues like any other country, but compared to other countries we’re doing pretty well. Canada has so much freedom and free will, it’s also full of a wide variety of raw nature from coast to coast, and people are very friendly and compassionate which is always a great thing. These photos are all from my Alberta travel photography adventures.

I thought I would share some photos from when I lived in Canmore Alberta- from Grassi lakes. Also from Jasper as well which are both my favourite spots in Alberta.  Grassi Lakes has a beautiful hiking spot and mountain climbing as well as it’s just so full of raw nature, waterfalls and turquoise streams running everywhere, all surrounded by magnificent mountains!

When I visited Jasper I went to the Sunwapta Falls which was still a bit frozen at the time as we went in April, but you could still see the stream of clear turquoise  glacier water running down which was very epic to see. Same with Maligne Canyon there was still a lot of frozen glaciers everywhere surrounded by incredibly unique canyon formations. Also seeing the elk in town was fun as well because when the train stopped the elk rushed into eat the falling grain. So cute!  Nature will always find a way to survive.

If you want to see another Canadian blog post than have a look at my Maritimes trip! Definitely a must to come check out if you’re already traveling in Canada. As one of my favourite provinces is there: Nova Scotia & Newfoundland.

Happy 150th Canada! 🙂 

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